Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) offers a full range of hearing aid solutions at a range of prices to suit your budget. We provide full audiological services with your hearing aid fittings; this means we assist you in every step of your personal journey to good hearing.

We understand that price will be a big consideration in your decision to purchase hearing aids. At MAC, the price you pay for a hearing aid solution includes the hearing aids, the fitting and programming of the aids and your personal hearing rehabilitation program. Read more on what's included in the price of hearing aids. 

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Price and Performance of hearing aids

The price of hearing aids will depend on the aid's performance level; premium, advanced, value and economy. The performance is determined by the technology in the aids, which in turn defines how well they will perform in different situations.

Melbourne Audiology Centre offers hearing aids at 4 prices/performance levels:

  • Premium
  • Advanced
  • Value
  • Economy 

Premium level hearing aids provide better performance in more demanding listening situations such as restaurants, clubs or parties. In consultation with one of our audiologists, you will find the best hearing aid solution for your lifestyle needs and for your budget. Read moreFor a free online quote on your personal hearing aid solution, complete our online enquiry form.

Your choice of hearing aids will depend on the situations where you would like to hear better i.e. your lifestyle. For example, if you have a very social lifestyle and need to hear in lots of complex noisy environments, a premium hearing aid will better meet your needs.  Please make an appointment for a hearing aid consultation with one of our audiologists.

Free Online Quote

For a free online quote on your personal hearing aid solution, complete our online enquiry form. If you have a written quote from elsewhere, we are happy to provide you with a competitive quote for free. We will need to see your quote before we can do this, please email us your quote or call us on 1300 761 021 for more information.