Add-on devices

We offer a range of add-on devices that complement your hearing aids and allow you to connect wirelessly to your TV, phone, tablet and more; making your hearing aids work like a personal wireless headset. They empower you to participate in almost any situation. They are great for business, home and leisure.

Wireless Add-on Devices

Melbourne Audiology Centre offers a range of wireless add-on devices that complement your hearing aids, they enable you to connect and communicate effortlessly for:

  • TV, music
  • Mobile phone and other phones
  • Better voice clarity in noise or over distance with remote microphones, T-coil and FM systems
  • Entertainment - audio from your  mp3 players, computers/tablet, stereo systems
  • Lectures and schools
  • Personal remote controls
  • Teleloop for all aid styles

Brands include; the Oticon ConnectLine, Phonak ComPilot, the Widex DEX, Unitron uDirect3 and Starkey SurfLink accessories .  A lot of these brands enable connectivity through a device called a Streamer (pictured in the centre on the image). 
We can explain how each of these devices works and demonstrate them to you during your hearing aid consultation.

Smart Phone Apps

Recently a few manufacturers have developed Apps for the iPhone. Read more.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's)

ALD's are devices that can help you hear better and there are generally are of two types; those that connect to your hearing aids and those that work alone.
You can purchase a range of ALD's from Melbourne Audiology Centre. The ALD's that connect with your hearing aids usually require professional advice and assistance from our audiologists, these include FM systems and remote controls. Please call us to ask about these ALD's.
Stand-alone ALD's are available for purchase at our on-line shop without the need for a consultation with our audiologists. See online shop