Why Hearing Aids

How you interact with the world around you is dependent on your five senses and of these, we believe hearing is the most precious.

Your hearing is essential for communicating, participating, socialising, relaxing and interacting. Good hearing is vital in alerting you to interesting or alarming situations or warning you of potential danger. Hearing helps you to fully enjoy your life.

 If after consultation with your audiologist, hearing aids are recommended, don't delay because:

  • Hearing difficulties may lead to feelings of anxiety, isolation, embarrassment and even depression
  • Auditory deprivation occurs with untreated hearing loss and results in loss of understanding of speech.   Read more on auditory deprivation
  • Recent studies have shown the sooner you start wearing hearing aids the better the result
  • The sooner you start wearing your hearing aids the sooner you will be able to hear all your favourite sounds

Everyone has a favourite sound......

...are you missing out on your favourite sounds?

One or two hearing aids?

We are often asked if wearing one hearing aid only will do.  If you have a hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids are recommended for multiple well-researched reasons. Read why here.